Who is Publicly Supporting Scott Turner For Texas Speaker of the House?

“I am talking to people that are freedom minded, liberty loving, hard working, God fearing people…in order for Texas to be the very best that it can be…the chains of complacency and the shackles of status quo have got to be destroyed” – Scott Turner

There are those in Texas that are publicly standing up “in order for Texas to be the very best”,  there are those that want a servant leader to lead Texas by conviction, but who are they?

Elected Officials:

Jeff Leach, HD67, @leachfortexas Jonathon Stickland, HD92, @RepStickland Matt Krause, HD93, @RepMattKrause
Bill Zedler, HD96, @Bill_Zedler Matt Rinaldi, HD115 elect, @MattRinaldiTX Tony Tinderholt, HD94 elect, @Tony_Tinderholt
Matt Shaheen, HD66 elect, @MattShaheen Dustin Burrows, HD83 elect, @Burrows4TX Mark Keough, HD15 elect
Scott Sanford, HD70, @Scott_SanfordTX Matt Schaefer, HD6, @RepMattSchaefer David Simpson, HD7, @davidsimpsontx
Patrick Fallon, HD106, @FallonForTexas Bryan Hughes, HD5, @RepHughes
Molly White, HD55 elect, @MollyWhiteTX  Stephanie Klick, HD91, @StephanieKlick
Constable David Woodruff Tarrant County Pct 2

County GOPs:

Dallas Harris Collin
Ellis Titus Smith
Cass Marion Harrison
Lamar Sabine Red River
Upshur Shelby  Erath
Panola  Kaufman

Organizations and Notables:

  • Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility – Michael Quinn Sullivan
  • Hector Garza – Secretary/Treasurer Nat’l Border Patrol Council Local 2455
  • FreedomWorks – Matt Kibbe
  • Grassroots America We the People – JoAnn Fleming
  • Texas Eagle Forum – Cathy Adams, Trayce Bradford
  • Women on the Wall
  • NE Tarrant Tea Party – Julie McCarty
  • Clear Lake Tea Party
  • Direct Action Texas – Aaron Harris
  • Lone Star Tea Party – Josh Finkebinder(P), Kelly Cannon(VP)
  • Arlington Tea Party – Josh Finkebinder(P), Kelly Cannon(VP)
  • Cass County Patriots
  • Montgomery County Tea Party
  • The Liberty Blessing – Joel and Karen Starnes

3 thoughts on “Who is Publicly Supporting Scott Turner For Texas Speaker of the House?”

  1. Unlike several incoming State Representatives who “talked the talk” to get elected, yet their stated vote “walk” differs; misleading by commission or omission (i.e. Thompson, Paul, Faircloth). It is refreshing to see a handful who will start without a cloud over their integrity.

    Darrell W. Thomas
    Pct. 68 Chair, Brazoria County, TX.

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