HB 815 | Online Solicitation of Minors | Life

In Support of HB 815

Author: Matt Krause
Status: Filed
Caption: Relating to the prosecution of the offense of online solicitation of a minor. 
SB 344
HB 861

“I will be very disappointed if we do not get across the finish line this session is HB815, the Online Solicitation of Minors bill.  A few months ago a Judge threw out the statutory language because it was unconstitutionally over broad. So right now we really do not have a mechanism for those who are preying on innocent children online to be put-away and given the full punishment that they deserve. So we tailored the language, we have worked with a lot of law enforcement and Judicial agencies.  So, the Online Solicitation of Minors bill will be more intact and firm so we can start putting these people away.” – Rep. Matt Krause, HD 93


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