The Texas 84th Legislature

Our goal is to keep you updated on legislation that affects our Liberties: Constitutional, Civil, and Religious. We will provide easy to follow summaries and updates from Austin.  Most importantly, we will provide information on how to affect change, quick and easy steps that will provide the greatest impact on legislation that will impact your Liberties in Texas.





Who to Watch

What can you do?

Your Texas Representatives need to know where its constituents stands on issues they face during session. A phone call, an email, or even a hand-written note will make an impact on your legislature. You would be surprised how few calls or notes they actually receive. Your note or call does not have to be long or eloquent. An example note would look like this,

“My name is ____________________________, I am one of your constituents and I would like you to vote for Scott Turner For Texas House Speaker.”

This is a great site to Find Your Representative and author a quick note that will be printed and hand delivered to your representative. You can also locate your representative at the state’s Find Your House Rep page or Find Your Senator’s page.


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